Couples’ Groups

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On this page you will find information about the following couples’ groups:

Family Enrichment

First Decisions — Course Description

First DecisionsAlthough this course is directed for parents with children from 8 to 11 years old, parents with younger or older children are encouraged to participate, too. The topics dealt with in the course are useful for all ages.

In this age range, children feel comfortable in the environment in which they find themselves. As a consequence they find themselves making a wide range of personal decisions in many daily situations. To assist them in making good choices, children need to have a scale of values to use as a reference.

In this course, parents analyze the importance of living according to a scale of values and also learn how to transmit these same values to their children.

Course Details

Who: Any married couple

What: Case study method of various topics

How:  One or more small groups from St. Clare and the Clear Lake area will form and meet locally, then drive to the General Sessions each month in the Memorial area.

Dates and Topics: General Sessions are held on Saturdays, beginning in October 2016 (N.B. dates are subject to change):

1. First Decisions October 8, 2016
2. Strengthening the Will November 12, 2016
3. Family Life January 14, 2017
4. Authority and Responsibility February 11, 2017
5. The use of leisure time  —  reading, sports and the media April 8, 2017
6. Educating for Love May 6, 2017

Time: 7:00 p.m. to ~ 9:30 p.m.  General Sessions last 1.5 hours. They are followed by appetizers and social time.

Where:  Off-site location

Frostwood Elementary (Community Room)
12214 Memorial Dr. (and Gessner. Enter parking lot on Plantation Dr.)
Houston, Texas 77024

Cost: $300/couple.  Includes materials and food.

Contact: Laura and Luis Parra, Email, Phone: (713) 589-4362


Please fill out an online registration form here.

What is Family Enrichment?

Families often struggle with overcoming the obstacles to foundational relationships. Husbands and wives, parents and children, siblings, and immediate family and extended family alike encounter seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Our program employs the case study methodology, commonly found in business and law school classrooms, to examine scenarios relevant to family life. We analyze the complex and sometimes daunting situations faced by families to better understand their causes and identify their resolution. While the case studies are instructive, the experience and wisdom from the parents participating prove invaluable. Guided by an experienced moderator, who is also a parent, couples strengthen their unity and renew their commitment to one another and their families.

The method

The case study method offers practical skills for handling the pressing circumstances that arise each day. Each course has between 5 and 10 cases.

The case study method teaches you to:

  1. Draw out facts
  2. Identify problems based on facts
  3. Discern appropriate solutions

Family Enrichment is designed so you can apply this method to any situation at home, work, etc. It helps you sustain focus and make accomplishments with the things that matter most — your marriage, your family, and your relationships with other people.

Applying the method

For the success of the method, following these steps is essential.

  1. Individual Study: each spouse reads the technical note and case.
  2. Couple discussion: both spouses discuss the case.
  3. Team Meeting: 4-5 couples discuss the case.
  4. General Meeting: All groups meet in a general session with a moderator that directs the discussion.


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Teams of Our Lady

Program for ALL Married Couples

Teams of Our Lady (TOOL) is an on-going formation program for all married couples–whether you’ve been married 1 year, 10 years, or 50 years–to form you as a couple in married spirituality. Why as a couple? Because God has entrusted you to each other through the Sacrament of Matrimony, and because when your response is made in unison, it deeply affects: the quality of your love, your children, and all whom you meet. Why with other couples? Because as a Team there is more strength. In a world where fidelity is no longer esteemed, meeting with others who value married life can bring joy and hope to all.

Teams are composed of 5 to 7 married couples. Team life revolves around the monthly meetings (in participant homes), and living out the six Endeavors.

This program is open to couples who are in a marriage recognized by the Church. Only one spouse needs to be Catholic.

See the international TOOL site for more info, or check out this site, as well.

What: Information Session

When: Next session TBD — contact John Lawlor, below, to be put on his waiting list

Where: TBD

Contact: John Lawlor, 713-824-8525,

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