Formation Workshops

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On this page you will find information about the following formation workshops:

Prayer Workshop

One Day Workshop — September 16, 2017

Join us for six hours of teaching and discussion on the nature of prayer, how to pray, different kinds of prayer, and how to grow in prayer.  Anyone is welcome, and there is no cost!

You ask me: why pray? And I reply: to live.

Yes: really to live, you have to pray. Why? Because to live is to love: a life without love is not a life. It is empty loneliness, a sad prison. Only someone who loves is truly alive: and we only love when we are loved, when we are touched and transformed by love. Like the trees which bear no fruit unless bathed by the rays of the sun, so our human heart will not open itself out to true, full life unless touched by love.

Now, love is born from encounter and it finds life in encountering the love of God, the greatest and truest of all possible loves, the love, indeed, beyond all our definitions and capacities. When we pray, we let God love us, and we are born into love, ever anew. Thus it is that when we pray, we live, in time and in eternity.

And when we do not pray? Ah, then we run the risk of dying inside, because sooner or later we will find no air to breathe, no warmth to make us live, no light to see by, no food to help us grow, and no joy to give meaning to our lives….

— From Archbishop Bruno Forte’s Letter on Prayer

When: Saturday, September 16, 2017, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Bring your lunch or money for a group order!
Where: Conference Center
Cost:  Free!  There is no need to register.  Just show up!

What topics will be covered?

The following six topics will be covered during the course of the workshop:

Introduction to Prayer

In prayer, we life our minds and hearts to God.  Prayer is a relationship of love with God.  Humbly, we seek to know him, and open ourselves completely to his holy will.

The Battle of Prayer

Prayer is a battle against our own wounded nature, the distractions of the world, and Satan.  We rely on God to help us pray.  A loving perseverance, firm in the hope of our salvation, is essential.

Traditions of Prayer

Prayer is a participation in the life of love.  The Church has a vast and rich treasury of traditions of prayer.  The means to draw ever nearer to God in prayer exists for everyone in abundance.

Liturgical Prayer

God has gathered us as a holy nation and members of Christ’s Mystical Body.  He accepts our prayer to him as his people.  Body and soul, we worship with our entire being, firm in the hope of Jesus’ return.

The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is the perfect prayer of the Christian.  It puts God, our Father, first.  It asks only for what we need, and calls us to forgive others, so that we may have the hope of forgiveness by God.
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Theology of the Body Workshop

One Day Workshop — November 4, 2017


What Is The Meaning and Purpose of My Life? How Do I Find Happiness and Fulfillment?

intro_tob_bundleIf you’re wondering if there’s more to life than just “getting by” and are ready to focus on what really matters, then discover the extraordinary Catholic teaching known as the Theology of the Body. It will give you a revolutionary and fulfilling vision for life, as it offers a new way to authentically see yourself, your faith, your relationships, and your world.

Given to us by Saint Pope John Paul II, the Theology of the Body is renewing marriages, awakening vocations, healing deep personal wounds, and setting people free to live the life of greatness to which we are all called.

In An Introduction to the Theology of the Body: Discovering the Master Plan For Your Life, an adult faith formation program, renowned author and theologian Christopher West unfolds God’s extraordinary plan for all of humanity. If you desire to live out the fullest meaning and purpose of your life, then join us for this amazing discovery!

In this study you will:

  • Learn why the redemption of our sexuality is the key to happiness.
  • Develop a “new lens” through which to see the world with greater clarity.
  • See how God’s mystery is revealed through the body and spousal love.
  • Discover the truth behind the lies of lust and pornography and how they can be overcome.
  • Learn the language of sexual love.

How will it work?

We’re going to compress all eight parts of the study into one day. It will be a whirlwind, but worth it! Then, on your own, you’ll have eight weeks to go back and watch any of the videos and re-read the workbook at your leisure.

Who: All adults
When: Saturday, November 4, 2017, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Bring your lunch or money for a group order!
Where: Conference Center
Cost:  IF YOU WANT the Workbook, register below for $13+shipping.  HOWEVER, you do not need the Workbook in order to attend this one-day workshop (even though the Workbook will give you a fuller experience).  Just show up!

What is the agenda?

Click to view the agenda for the workshop.

How to Register and Get the Workbook

If you want the Workbook for the class, as well as online access to the videos, then you need to register online here. The videos will be available for 8 weeks after the workshop.
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Reconciliation Workshop

One Day Workshop — March 10, 2018

Have you been away from the Sacrament of Reconciliation (a.k.a. Confession or the Sacrament of Penance) for a while, but felt God stirring in your heart to give it a try again?  Or, perhaps, you’re just a little rusty and need a refresher?  Or maybe you’re a regular Confession-goer, but you would like to deepen your understanding and learn how to get more out of this Sacrament?  Whatever your case, you are welcome to join us for a one-day workshop!

When: Saturday, March 10, 2018, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Bring your lunch or money for a group order!
Where: Conference Center
Cost:  Free!  There is no need to register.  Just show up!

What topics will we cover?

We’ll spend time discussing the following topics through the course of the workshop:

Temptation and Sin

To understand and appreciate the Good News, we need to understand the Bad News:  temptation and sin.  Getting a better grasp of what temptation and sin are, and how they operate in our lives, can equip us to better overcome them.

The Seven Deadly Sins

At the heart of preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation is a good Examination of Conscience, that is, honestly looking at ourselves and our lives and seeing how we have sinned.  And at the heart of all our sins are the Seven Deadly Sins.  And this is the heart of the Reconciliation Workshop!  We’ll take an in-depth look at these sources of sin that embed themselves in our hearts–and how we can work to get them out!

How to Make a Good Confession

This is where the rubber meets the road.  We’ll explain the mechanics of how to make a good confession, and walk through the process step by step.  We’ll even have a chance for people to do mock confessions, to see how it’s done.


For LOTS more information on the Sacrament of Reconciliation, check out this web page from Catholics Come Home!
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