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   St. Clare High School Youth Program

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Program Information

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Registration Form 2017-2018

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Our primary mode of email communication is done through Flocknote. Once signed up, you can select which ministries you wish to hear from, respond to emails, and privately communicate if needed. Please take time to do so.

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Freshmen and Sophomores

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Thrive Night Location: GYM

THRIVE is centered on preparing teens for the foundation of Confirmation Prep. THRIVE NIGHTS take place on Sundays from 6:45pm-8pm in the Parish Hall/GYM. The goal is to encourage, challenge, and discuss with the teens the many aspects of what it means to be Catholic and how to practice this at home and at school. We utilize the Bible weekly in this endeavor. We have about 55-65 teens each week.




Juniors & Seniors


Leadership Location: GYM

As Confirmed Catholics, teens are expected to continue their love and desire to be Christ in world. Leadership meets on Wednesdays from 6:00pm-7:30pm in the Parish Hall/Gym. The goal is to build community through socializing by playing volleyball, basketball, and other games. We take 15 minutes to focus on some aspect of working on becoming the best version of ourselves, utilizing the Bible as our guide. Our discussions center on how we can better serve & honor God the Father for the upcoming week. We have about 30-35 teens each week.


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Mentorship Program Information

Over the years, I have realized that great role models are vital in helping teens grasp the deeper mission of the Catholic Faith. Teaching all the treasures of the Church is one thing; seeing individuals embrace these treasures is quite another. For this reason, role models in the Catholic Faith are essential. St. Clare’s Mentorship Program connects what is taught to how it is lived by encouraging mentors to carry on the conversation with guided materials.


Historically, in the Catholic Church, mentors have fallen into the category of sponsors within the framework of one’s journey towards receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. The traditional purpose of a “sponsor” was someone who could mentor the individual as a role-model Catholic themselves. In the early Catholic Church, the process to become a Confirmed Catholic was called “Mystagogia” or “Guidance in the Mysteries.” Although the length and approach to the process has changed through the centuries, the sponsor’s role has remained a vital part in the growth of the candidate’s spiritual journey towards receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. The relationship is deemed to be life-long, continuing well after reception of the Sacrament.


Who can be a mentor?  Mentors are individuals that must be at least 16 years of age, Confirmed in the Catholic Church, practicing their Faith, and cannot be one’s mom or dad. We cannot suggest anyone to be someone’s mentor; this is a task that you, as a parent, must decide on your own accord with your teen. Please consider having someone who is trustworthy, in communication with you as a parent, and committed.


What will the mentor be expected to do? The mentor will be asked to set up a 45-minute meeting once-a-month with the teen through the teen’s parent(s). These can take place at a coffee shop, over lunch, on the phone or even FaceTime if need be. The parents & mentors will receive emails from St. Clare’s, outlining the basics of Thrive’s Sunday Message or Leadership’s Wednesday Message.


What does the Mentorship Guide entail? The Mentorship Guide follows a 4 Pillar Approach of discussing notions of Academics, Health, Spiritual, and Catholic Reading.


Can the mentor be the sponsor for Confirmation? If your son or daughter is in Year 2 of Confirmation Prep, then the mentor can be chosen to fulfill the role of sponsor for the Rite of Confirmation Mass.


We encourage mentors to email us with general updates, so we can give resources and guidance when they are faced with tough questions. Please prayerfully discern who might best fit this role for your son or daughter. It can bear much fruit in their life and especially in learning to trust in God’s plan for them.


Mentorship Year One Guide

Mentorship Year Two Guide



Year 1 & Year 2 Information

Confirmation Final

Our Confirmation Prep is a comprehensive program that helps youth place their Catholic Faith at the center of their lives and ask a fundamental question: “How can I know, love, & serve God the Father?” It is not a question of whether one wants to be Catholic or not; the teen is Catholic by their baptism. Entering the Confirmation Prep Program does not mean a teen must be Confirmed at the end of the process.

Rather, the year allows the teen to discern how the Holy Spirit is working in their lives, ask questions, and be informed about ways to cooperate with God’s grace. Each teen is highly encouraged to make his or her own choice at the end of the Prep Year as to whether they are prepared to make this step and accept the Gifts of the Spirit into their lives in a profound way.

If you are on the fence about whether or not you wish to be Confirmed, I highly suggest going through the preparation first and then decide. Having an informed conscience always allows for the best decision.

The general guidelines for preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation are put in place by His Eminence Cardinal DiNardo. Preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation is a 2-Year Process. Note that beginning of the year the Orientation provides detailed information in addition to what is explained here.


Year 1:

  • The teen must register with our Faith Formation Thrive Program.
  • Parents must provide a Certified Baptismal Record from the Church of Baptism.
  • They must maintain 75% attendance throughout the school year.
  • If a teen is a Junior, upon entering Year 1, then they would register for LEADERSHIP instead of THRIVE and meet the 75% requirement attending there.
  • Teens must find a suitable Sponsor/Mentor. This person must be at least 16 year old, not the teen’s parent, and a practicing & Confirmed Catholic. They will follow the Sponsor/Mentor Program Guide provided by St. Clare’s which suggests a minimum of one meeting each month. These meetings are privately set up by the parents and sponsor/mentors.
  • There are two retreats required for completion of the Confirmation Prep Process:
  1. The teen must attend the Archdiocesan Youth Conference with St. Clare’s in July at the completion of Year 1.                                 [ Beginning in 2018 ]
  2. The teen has the option of attending either our Colossians 3:17 Service Mission Trip in June OR our R.E.A.C.H. Retreat in late July/early August, either after completing Year 1 or Year 2 of Faith Formation.


Year 2:

  • The teen must register with our Faith Formation Thrive Program.
  • They must maintain 75% attendance throughout the school year.
  • If a teen is a Junior, upon entering Year 2, then they would register for LEADERSHIP instead of THRIVE and meet the 75% requirement attending there.
  • Teens are to attend 7 Confirmation Prep Sessions which will take place on Sunday evenings as scheduled.
  • The teen will continue to meet for a second year with their Sponsor/Mentor.
  • The teen will pick a Saint namesake.
  • For their service requirements, we do 3 collective service projects together:
  1. The Bay Area Crop Hunger Walk
  2. The All Saints Vigil Festival at St. Clare’s
  3. Serving the Grad Dinner
  • If teen has not yet attended either the Colossians 3:17 Service Mission Trip OR the R.E.A.C.H. Retreat after completing Year 1, they will need to attend one after completion of Year 2 Faith Formation Thrive/Leadership.
  • Demonstrate adequate knowledge of the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Demonstrate adequate knowledge of the Rite of Confirmation Mass.


Rite of Confirmation Mass:

St. Clare of Assisi has traditionally held a fall date for the Sacramental Rite of Confirmation Mass. The beginning of one’s Junior Year of High School is the earliest a teen will be able to have met all the requirements for Confirmation Prep. The Mass is presided by either a Bishop, Archbishop, or Cardinal. Teens and Sponsors will attend a mandatory rehearsal within the week prior to the Mass.



 CALENDAR 2017-2018

Calendar FallCalendar Spring


Summer Retreat Video Links:


2016 Service Mission Trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8ateUtxCig&t=6s

2017 Service Mission Trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZbMB0yrnLw

2017 R.E.A.C.H. Retreat https://youtu.be/w_7b7WpM_FM




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Registration Forms

Registration Form 2017-2018

Confirmation Preparation Parent Agreement & Mentor Info. Form






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